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She has her own career, her own bank account (gasp!

) and her own mortgage to boot, despite her new husband having moved in to her place.

Men are declaring that condoms are "no fun", an "annoying distraction" and a "mood killer" with one gent going so far as to tell me "it's like having sex in a plastic bag".

Others muse that the sex becomes more clinical and less intimate when protection becomes an issue. What happened to bedroom rule 101: Always use protection? After witnessing a bunch of single friends discuss their recent casual sex dalliances and encounters, which they say took place without protection, it seems sadly these fears appear increasingly non-existent.

"It's so difficult to pick up because all the women have heard all the lines before," he tells me after discovering I'm a dating columnist. "So can I ask a woman's opinion on something ...." Sadly, it seems that good ol' book has made every club-hopping man into an exact pick-up artist clone of the inimitable Neil Strauss as they attempt to mirror his pick-up artistry success.

By her reckoning, it's because these women skipped out on the AIDS scare of the 70s and 80s, hence are a little less cautious when it comes to the unprotected hanky panky. Especially if the study Sex in America: A Definitive Survey is anything to go by, because apparently it's actually easier for men to find a date than it is for women.

"Young women now assume that the Pill is their answer to everything," she exclaims. Do we need to learn about protection all over again? Just think about how extremely normal it is for men to go out on the prowl to approach women, offer them drinks, attempt a snog, get rejected and move onto the next femme quicker than you can order the next round of cocktails! " marvels one single man (who doesn't want to be named), who seems to be feeling the dating prowess power more than ever before.

"Well I've read this amazing book which teaches these awesome moves," he smiles cheekily. "Perhaps it's because they try harder than us," muses my perpetually single friend Wendy. If we go by the theories of authors Louis and Copeland, then men are being advised to roam books stores, fumble their way through cooking classes and attend church all in the name of meeting women.

"I see them in my yoga class doing the Sirshasana and winking at the girl next to them. (Apparently women who pray like to have "sex like bunnies".) Then there's the age thing.

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But what baffles me is that the risk of garnering such diseases doesn't manage to scare singletons out of a good time. - Samantha Brett - More Ask Sam blogs here Apparently meeting and picking up women is a difficult, arduous, often embarrassing, unrelenting, highly risky task.

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