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Jam-e-Urdu Encyclopaedia is complete in itself and is of the International standards prevalent in Urdu world.

Seven volumes of the encyclopaedia have been published and its final volume based on Physics, Chemistry and Engineering is under the process of completion.

It compares the outer reflection of culture with the civilization depicted in the tale and includes moral values, dogma and mis-believes. It covers the opinion on the Indian cultural potentialities made by the foreigners in their writings. This is a very authentic and genuine dictionary of Urdu which was out of print for a long time.

The healthy tradition of travelogue as an independent genre of literature has also been focused. In this Dictionary words of Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Sanskrit and English have been retained which have become an integral part of Urdu language.

Most of the article talks about the prominent personalities of Urdu literature and presents the analytical and research oriented study of literary assets of 18 and 19th centuries. Diverse aspect of Urdu Linguistic has been discussed in this book.

It talks about the phonological, grammatical and semantic characteristic of Urdu language.

The publications of NCPUL have been rated very high in the academic circles.

The focus of publication programme is to produce quality children literature and textbooks for Urdu medium schools.

Volume I (Literature), in this Urdu language, Foreign languages and Other Indian languages have been covered.

Books Exhibitions Publication is worth only if it reaches the masses and its target readers properly.

To achieve this goal, NCPUL has made a concerted effort on sales promotion through the net-working of the V.

This prestigious English-Urdu Dictionary compiled under the chief editorship of Prof. More than two and half Lacs English words, phrases and idioms with meanings are given.

In addition, terms of eighty four disciplines have also been covered in the dictionary.

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