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On the surface, the case is grim enough, but Fox Carolina obtained court records detailing how Kohlhepp reportedly coaxed the girl from her home, led her to his house at gunpoint, bound her with rope and raped her.

Its [sic] amazing the motivation you can get after day three!

Kohlhepp is currently being represented by Shane Goranson, an attorney with the South Carolina Commission on Indigent Defense, who is heading up, along with Boyd Young, Kohlhepp's legal team.

He would not comment on Superbike, or details of any of the cases, and couldn't confirm when next Kohlhepp will appear in court.

Woman Found ' Chained Like a Dog' by Possible Serial Killer Kala Brown was discovered in a South Carolina storage unit – and claims her missing boyfriend, Charles Carver, was shot by the suspect in custody Todd Kohlhepp didn't appear to be that kind of person.

At 45, he owned multiple properties in South Carolina, ran a business called TKA Real Estate and was a licensed pilot recognized for his safety standards.

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