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For example would mean “je crois que” (I believe that…).You can also see here how the word “cross” in English relates to the French.12.You know you’re chatting like a true native if you add a casual mdrrr to an online conversation.11.X In the context of internet slang, “X” signifies the verb croire (to believe).You can search by just about every iteration of vegetarian that is known.Veggie - Offers heterosexual and homosexual personals for vegetarians all over the world Vegetarian - The perfect place for vegetarians to find like minded people who follow the same dietary restrictions they do.Tap on the word “suit,” for example, and this is what appears: And Fluent U’s “learn mode” lets you learn all the vocabulary in any video with questions.

Tap on any word to see an image, definition, and useful examples.Fluent U always keeps track of vocabulary that you’re learning.And it uses that vocab to recommend examples and videos so that you get a 100% personalized experience.It is used to replace j’ai (I have), while the letter “j” is used to replace je (I).6.Twa Another common practice is to replace the sound “oi” or “uoi” with “wa”.

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