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It has been reformulated and the new version is a little less powerfull.

9/10 I first tried this perfume in 1998, just a few months after its release.

Now i have thé new formulation because it's impossible to find thé old version BUT, i mix thé oil version of perfume parlour which IS exact same smell ... Pi also smells great on clothing (Not everything does).

Eight hours on skin and one spray will reactivate it for a few extra hours of sillage.

And I can still smell hints of tarragon even then, enough to spoil the vanilla for me.

But I do think the herby notes would work much better on a man.

Its geometric bottle with perfectly clear lines contains a woody, sensual scent.

There is also a floral quality that gives the scent some radiance and a deep character.

Hubby likes it, so he can have it and I'm sure I'll enjoy smelling it on him more.

Actually there's also a soapy note in there that I'm not a big fan of either.

Then the overpowering, stickily sweet vanilla hits me over the head and I could not wait to scrub it off my skin.

I have never reacted so negatively to a fragrance in my entire life ha ha. it's my favorite intimate winter situation secret weapon and Man, this one givin me compliments every time.girls looove it , Man liké it . Citrus and vanilla and herbs and tonka and wood and almond. The women in my life have found it to be sexy and attractive. I had thought the longevity was weak, but I can spray two extra spritzes for longevity and it would be difficult to overspray.

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