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The great thing about Fortaleza is that the nightlife is easy to find.

Nearby Dragão do Mar is Mucuripe (Rua Travessa Maranguape, 108), a megaclub that has three different dance floors, including one that played decent house and American hip-hop when I went.So what I ended up doing was starting all the way up north in Fortaleza and in a month’s time worked my way down to Rio (traveling around 1,700 miles by bus). Fortaleza: A large, plain city with several decent beaches to choose from.If you’re on a budget then head to the sketchy Praia de Iracema beach, which has rooms starting at 55 R$ (divide numbers in Brazilian by the exchange rate, which as of this writing is around 1.72).Your nightlife options are the expensive asshole clubs scattered around Boa Viagem like U.K., Audrey, and Nox, or the commoner clubs in old town like Downtown and Burburinho where the quality is poor. If you visit Recife, and I recommend against it, stay in Piratas Da Praia for a budget option (35 R$/night) or Bamboo, a comfortable hotel for old gringo guys (75 R$/night).

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I didn’t get to experience the nightlife but it’s around Rua Bezzera in Alto de Ponta Negra. Praia de Pipa: Further south you have Pipa, a beach village with laid-back hippie vibes.

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