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"At one point, Peter Gallagher, Chief Dodds, says, ' This investigation [is] a career killer,'" Leight says."There's more pressure on Benson and her career in these two episodes than we've seen since I got here [in 2011]." Promos for the episode, particularly one image showing someone reaching for Benson's nameplate with boxes behind it, have elicited several theories online."But it's an argument that you can only have with somebody you're involved with," he says."It's very clear in episode 17 that this is an adult relationship." Even worse, the squad is "in disarray," according to Leight, and "not ready for the battle." After all, Fin's absence, Dodds' pressure to transfer, Carisi's law school studies and Rollins' clash with Benson in the most recent episode."Her relationship with Tucker complicates things enormously for her." The episode centers on a group of girls being trafficked largely from a Catholic school in the Bronx who are being worked at a party where everyone in attendance is either a judge, a cop, a district attorney, an assemblyman or a councilman.The question quickly becomes, "who's running their ring, who's benefiting from this ring and who is going to do everything they can to make sure SVU doesn’t find out the truth," Leight says.

In Wednesday's episode, the first of what Leight calls an "intense" two-parter, their relationship will be "tested severely," he says.

I said, ' Let's use him more.' It evolved out of that," he says.

"We just tried to show that this was a human being over time." Then, at the beginning of the season, Leight and executive producer Julie Martin mentioned the idea to Hargitay.

"They both take their jobs very seriously," Leight adds.

Although Leight is well aware it would have been easier to simply introduce an entirely new character to date Benson, he was inspired by previous Tucker appearances to take their relationship to a deeper level.

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A lot of what my now-ending reign has been about is about going for the grey and over time, I think Olivia had come to see him differently." Fans can't be completely to blame.

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