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On March 19, 2013, Meteos was part of a group of LCS players penalized by Riot for Elo-boosting.His accounts were suspended for 2 weeks and had all Season 2 rewards revoked.On April 1st, 2013, the Cloud9 roster consisting of Balls, Meteos, Hai, Sn Ea Ky Ca St Ro O, and Lemon Nation was acquired by Quantic Gaming.The team's activity under the Quantic brand was short-lived as the team was reacquired by a newly managed Cloud9 prior to their LCS debut against Team Dignitas. This would mark the beginning of his phenomenal KDA scores for the Season 3 Summer Split, where he finished with a record high 12.7 ratio.In December, Cloud9 joined four other North American LCS teams at Battle of the Atlantic 2013, facing European champions Fnatic for the second time.With dominating performances by teammate Hai, Cloud9 took the series 2-0, resulting in an overall North American win at the tournament and ,000 USD for the team.Meteos played normal games for such a long time that the amount of wins accumulated caused his normal queues to last up to 30 minutes.At that point, he and his friends decided to play ranked solo queue to avoid the long queue times, eventually breaking into the top 20 on the ladder.

At some point, Meteos and his friends decided to make a team called Team Normal Stars to compete in Go4Lo L tournaments.It was at this point that other highly ranked players started to notice and be familiar with the notorious Skarner one-trick pony.Meteos got one of his first tastes in competitive Lo L as a sub for CLG Black during a King of the Hill tournament.Here, Meteos' Nocturne proved to be ineffective against Diamondprox and his squad.Gambit swept Cloud9 2-0, marking their second immediate exit from an international tournament.

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