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Disclaimer: The Author is a member of one of the parties involved his opinions do not necessarily reflect those of his Alliance or Corp. Once again, the Goons contaminate a certain space with dozens of structures to get up to their typical cancerous mischief. In simplest terms, an API is a set of tools that allow the community to access certain kinds of EVE game data outside the game.

EVE currently has two API structures – XML and CREST – and both will completely stop working on May 8th, 2018. When ‘Excavators’ were added to the game, greatly increasing the amount of ore a Rorqual could harvest, a new sport also became popular across New Eden.

The ORE faction ‘Excavators’ are some of the most expensive drones a capsuleer can buy, and like fighters their …

YULAI – CONCORD officials have announced that they will be starting a new research effort to improve the measurement of CONCORD’s universal timebase, currently used across all of New Eden and known as New Eden Standard Time.

23rd of December, 2017 — As the Winter solstice came and went, the rest of New Eden prepared for the Holiday season and the yuletide festivals that come with the happiest time of the year.

Many capsuleers took a few days off from EVE to spend time with friends and family. In the latest episode of CCP’s divorce from virtual reality, the company has sold the Newcastle studio that developed EVE Valkyrie.

Coming mere hours after a hard-fought capital brawl in Cloud Ring, and a good laugh over a Goon Overseer’s hilarious leaked Pings …

If you happened to glance at the EVE subreddit or zkillboard yesterday you may have noticed a rather large capital fight took place in Cloud Ring.

As you know, there are many types of sites (Relic, Data, Combat, Ghost, FW, Incursion, etc….), and the old way …The 2017 Pod and Planet fiction contest dished out more than 55 billion ISK to dozens of writers.In a new after-action report, the Pod and Planet team reveals behind-the-scenes details and how this contest compared to previous years.Patch notes for January 2018 Release Released on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 Features & Changes Market Volatile SKINs can no longer be traded on the market or via contracts. As many of you will be aware, hardware vulnerabilities have been discovered in many brands and types of CPUs that were manufactured in the last 20 years, affecting computers across the globe.Here at CCP, we are in the process of patching and performance testing our infrastructure with the aim …

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Speaking to the purpose of this research, CONCORD Aerospace Public …

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