Spinsters guide to dating prinsessen og frosken online dating

They have long chins, turkey necks, big noses, sharp cheekbones, and wide faces.

If you’re coming from a place like Sweden, Germany, or America, they are a definite upgrade, but if you’re coming from other Eastern European countries, you won’t want to stay long.

I can say with 100% certainty that Polish girls are less attractive than girls from the following European countries I’ve been to: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Croatia, Romania, and Moldova.

It’s not a matter of makeup or wearing high-heels but a structural deficiency in their face.

The worst part is that Polish men don’t mind, becoming more eager to share in the household chores.While other Eastern European locations are more resistant to Westerization, Polish culture is begging for their culture to be replaced in terms of lifestyle and diet.As one Polish guy told me, “We’re doing a copy paste of your culture.” Polish girls are still friendly, and display very low attitude, but I wonder if it’s only a matter of time until that changes as well.When it comes to love tourism, it’s important to always be ready to accept that the environment can change quickly. Once a great place to rack up bangs with decent chicks, its value is decreasing at a rate that surprises me.It’s still superior to America, but greener pastures in Europe can be found.

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