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I had always liked little Donny and his sister Gail. This boy who could blush so easily while turning teenage girls knees to jelly? "I'm going out now to see what work I have to get done. Lucky little girl I thought, a wave of nostalgia for my teenage years sweeping over me. " I tried to ask nonchalantly ten minutes later as I turned my Audi into the short, tree lined private cul-de-sac that held the Graham and Merrywell houses. I hadn't been back since I'd convinced my mom to rent the house and move to California to live with me and my baseball playing husband four years ago. "I was thinking of mom," I whispered, then wiped the tear from the corner of my eye. Gail and I..we was always nice to us," Donny replied sadly. I'd been watching my first practice from the tower at one end of the pool, just trying to get a first impression of the styles and strengths of the some thirty people doing lap after lap under me.But as I asked Donny a shiver of fear coursed through my body. God, don't think about mom, I admonished myself even as the wave of sadness started to flow through my body. "She used to sneak us ice cream when dad wasn't looking." "She liked you guys," I agreed and then ruffled Donny's blond curls. But as I lay writhing on the bed, groaning in my sleep as I was despoiled, as I was torn in two, the devils face slowly morphed into his sons. He was the last out of the water, and stood stretching languidly for seconds as the water streamed off his muscled body.Thirty minutes later we were on our way to Vero Beach and the brand new Loews that had just opened, a list of room measurements and preferred colors in hand. "Besides with all the money you save you can hold a big bar-b-q for the team when we've finished painting. " I asked but smiled saying it, then finally agreed, my desire to enter the Graham house again outlasting my fear. No one even bothered to ask where I'd spent the night as I handed out assignments. Oh it can be fun too but to be a top swimmer takes dedication and long hours. Breast size, the exact outline of your nipples, gosh, you can even tell if a girl shaves down below when she gets out of the water and her wet suit is sticking to her like a second skin. There was no reason to guess about penis size, every girl on the pool deck could give you a rundown on every boy. As he stretched back up and turned to answer one of is buddies my eyes momentarily caught Kim and another girl across the deck.Donny had simply run roughshod over all my objections. Then he used his cell non stop as we drove and had six commitments from teammates to be at the house at nine the next morning even before we'd pulled into the two acre Loews parking lot that was less than five minutes away from the Dodger complex I knew so well. On the swim team..." he said, a boys embarrassment clear in his tone. **** We unloaded the car quickly when we got back to my house. I mean you're all alone," I stammered, the thought of entering the Graham house daunting. Fifteen teens eventually arrived, and although the atmosphere was more party-like than business-like, by two in the afternoon a first coat of paint was put on every room in the house. Oh, oh, I thought, recognizing the hungry stares both were directing at this young god. I almost fell out of my chair and tumbled off the tower into the water below.All sex scenes in this story involve people 18 yo or older.Family Secrets September 2006 *MONDAY* He'd been only twelve when she'd won her first gold medal in Sydney.Donny followed me as we toured from room to room in the large, two-story, deserted house. It's only doesn't start for a week." "You have better things to do than that." "No I don't. You can't have him Jacqui, part of me tried to warn. Unlike football or baseball its coed so the hard work is tempered by the chance to socialize. It's hard to be modest about your body if you're a serious swimmer. Male swimmers always claimed that the most 'endowed' athletes came from their sport, a claim that could be easily verified at one glance at any meet. Tall, with broad shoulders, he shook his head once and then bent over and touched his ankles."I had cleaners in last week," I said offhandedly to Donny, my mind still trying to digest the news of his father. Gail was hoping you'd get here before she left." "I was hoping to get some painting done this week, my bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom," I added as we walked. And I'll call up the team ..can have ten people here painting tomorrow morning." "I don't have any paint, any brushes...anything," I protested, waving my arms helplessly. But then, later, for hours I lay trembling between the sheets of Gail Graham's bed. *TUESDAY* Donny and I had eaten breakfast and were setting up the supplies by the time the teens starting arriving around nine the next morning. Let's face it, there's just nowhere to hide when you have a racing suit on. Through the thin, red, nylon suits you could follow every vein that ran up the young cocks, you could see the ridge as each shaft thickened into circumcised bulbs. His stretched hamstrings led up to a tight, round butt that pointed directly up at me.

"You're too young..would people think if they knew the swimming coach was offering her charges the demon drink? "I know," I whispered back but I don't think Donny heard. And so I found myself as chaperone for a group of sixteen, seventeen and eighteen year old teenagers.

It had been heralded in the weekly Orange Sentinel -- perhaps the biggest story in the town paper since the parade that had been held for her six years earlier.

It had been almost four years since the boy had last seen her.

They'd all heard the 911 tape to the Las Angeles Police Department..cry for help from a battered wife! It was the perfect match -- the gold medal winning swimmer and the baseball player with matinee idol good looks.

She'd married Kenny Mc Guire one year after returning from Sydney, a beautiful, double gold medal winning athlete who'd fallen in love with the star first baseman of our favorite team, the L. And of course, Kenny, being a Dodger made it even better. How could we not be with Vero Beach and Dodgertown, the spring home of the Los Angeles Dodgers just twenty-one miles away to the east.

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But the mayor and full town council had appeared, Mayor Brown with speech in hand.

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