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It is so well orchestarted and flows so well that I could hear this song every day and never grow tired of it.

OK, so I love this song, and I'll grant that I know nothing about music, but does this song sound to anyone else like Yngwie Malmsteen's "Cavallino Rampante" at approximately one minute in? It WAS released as a single in the UK (12" only) in 1978-9, as DJM (his old company) continued to cash in on old material from the days before Rocket Records was set up.

I think they represented how I felt about the loss of my family life, my youth and my innocence.

I never understood him grinning while playing this in concert, but when I found out he wrote for his own funeral, the grinning made sense (sort-of).He lost a bet with Elton and had to pay up by sitting in with the Elton John Band for three songs their Thanksgiving '74 show at Madison Square Garden.This is not only my favorite Elton John song, but it's also my favorite song, period.I love the beginning, but that spot where the two songs come together sounds so good, I have to stop what I'm doing to focus on it.When the piano comes in all by itself at the beginning of LLB, that's the way piano is supposed to sound.

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