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The matches take place in the gymnasium of the Westside Community Center, typically drawing one to two hundred spectators who occupy folding chairs around the ring and the bleachers against the wall. When it was founded in the early 2000s, the league was little more than an excuse for four high school friends to screw around in their backyards, mimicking the moves they’d seen on television.

Adam Merrick, the 31-year-old commissioner of DWO, recalls: “We just did it for fun … There’s a reason these two guys are fighting.” Merrick and members of DWO used You Tube as a platform to develop these storylines.

“But in 1994, [professional wrestlers] wouldn’t just teach anybody. Baca and Luna threw him around the ring, pinned him to the mat and placed him in a series of brutal holds until Singer was crying out in pain.

The night after his first session, as he lay in bed, muscles screaming in agony, he seriously considered not going back. Luna and Baca once again did their best to push him past his limits.

Gallegos comes up against the metal barrier separating the competition area from the seats and Hank is on him, grabbing his head and forcing his face into his greasy armpit.

Gallegos struggles for a moment, then goes limp while the crowd chants “HO-BO HANK, HO-BO HANK.” Hobo Hank stars for the Destiny Wrestling Organization, an Albuquerque-based independent professional wrestling league, one of dozens across the United States and one of hundreds that have risen (and mostly fallen) over the last century.

Gallegos has slipped out of the ring to dodge Hank’s barrage of blows.

Despite the boos, the ref gives in to Roblez’s cajoling and lifts the right hand of the still prone Gallegos.

Hank grimaces, shakes his head and goes backstage, screwed over once again.

* * * – a word that is both hard to define and of uncertain origin, though many believe it comes from carnival slang.

Merrick, whose slight frame precluded success in a physical arena, became the “commissioner” and worked to develop the backstories of the characters. This dichotomy gives the typical DWO show a surreal quality.

Almost all of these guys have day jobs and none of them are famous outside the circuit of independent leagues.

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