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Fatboy Slim, then of Beats International, the label lifted its moniker and aesthetic from the Japanese TV shows of the 1950s and 1960s based on the Ninja.

contractual issues prevented them to release anything under their own name.

My date is called Will and he seems promising in photos, with thick, glossy hair and a massive grin.

Actually, he looks a bit like housewives’ fave Nick Knowles. Even better, he’s a photographer – I will enjoy telling people this – and we met at the pub his best mate runs.

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The single, in the words of Pitchfork, "builds on a catchy loop of the Jackson 5's ‘It's Great to Be Here’ and creates one of the few anti-Gulf War protest songs of the era, transforming [ U. influence on the genre became more prevalent with the label's first compilation, Funkjazztical Tricknology, in 1995.

The genre originated in England as a successor to acid house, taking in acid jazz and funk, and using hip hop style breakbeats rather than the mechanical '4 on the floor' drum rhythm of house.

A mate in real time made the human decision to pair me with one of her pals. Once my swipe-right partner in crime, she met a bloke on Happn in June. But she’s now so loved up she’s ready to pay it forward – and is determined to Cilla me in the direction of my own soulmate.

Like unicorns and the G-spot, you hear about “mates’ dates” but hardly dare to believe they exist. Her man is a divorced dad of two with a stash of similar friends up his sleeve.

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DJ Food's Jazz Brakes series were intended as musical "food" or, in other words, source material for DJs and producers who worked with breaks and beats.

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